Daniel Herr:

1. Days of Heaven: "Brooke Adams"
2. "Carglass"
3. "Soundine"
4. "Musings"


DanAnh ( Cooky ) Nguyen

1. "The Opera"
2. "light"
3. "Hand's pins"
4. "A little Ducky"



Tamarah Cashier

Title: "Fifth Element: Water and Fire"
Description: This was made through editting a scene from the movie "Fifth Element." My final edit focuses on the use of color to emphasize emotion.

Title: "Liquid Leaves"
Description: I wanted to focus on light and color for this. It's supposed to have meaning in its simplicity.

Title: "Signature"
Description: Sounds from a movie theater. Its editted to blur the lines between the world inside and outside of the movie auditorium.


Lindsey Webb

1. "Of Human Bondage": For this project I experimented with a certain rhythm to the way that I cut each frame. Each frames is shot, and quick, keeping the sequence interesting and straight to the point.

2. "The Park": This short film is the first film I have ever created. I used a piece of glass with paint in which I placed in front of the lens. The paint drips down in each frames, and in some instances ends up blacking out the entire frame. I was experimenting with movement of both the paint and the surroundings for this piece.

3. "Noise": My sound project is an experiment of everyday subtle noises. Sound that you may not even realize you are listening to. My intention was to have my audience experience this sound on its own while viewing the darkness of a screen.

4. "Skating in Motion": This project focuses primarily on human movement of the legs. I filmed the UC Davis' Synchronized Skating Club's practice. I focused on close-ups and interesting compositions, while capturing the graceful footwork of the ice skaters.


Karen Mast

1. "Of Human Bondage"
2. "Night Trees"
3. "Flash Light"
4. "Fish Pond"
5. "Locke – History of a City"


Sean Patrick O'Toole

"Tremble My Echo Sun" - This piece was inspired by John Cage. In a famous anecdote, Cage related how he was allowed into one of NASA's soundproof chambers, eagerly hoping to experience true, complete silence... only to realize that true silence was impossible, because even in the chamber, he could still hear the sound of blood rushing through his ears. In a similar way, I recently realized that there is no such thing as true, complete stillness... the Earth moves at about 76,000 mph in its orbit around the sun, so even if we feel like we are motionless, we are actually going faster than we can ever comprehend. On the micrological level, ants dig their way through soil, and in our bodies, cells grow and die as our lungs expand and contract. So this piece was inspired by my thoughts about movement, and its continual presence everywhere in life.

"Muscles & and the Man" - Before his recent California Coup d'Etat, Arnold Schwarzeneggar was an amusing figure of Hollywood excess--his over-pumped body was only a symbol for his other over-pumped appetites for sex, violence, and power (add some phony tacked-on morality and you get what we like to call "Leadership" these days). He was even known for helping
popularize the gas guzzling tank-like Hummers that have become staples of the southland. But my interest here isn't to do some petty propaganda piece amounting to 'arnold sucks'--I'm interested in the connection between the body and the mind, how Arnold gets what he wants (power) by first empowering himself in the most literal of ways, through the development and control of
his own physical being. Everything else in his life seems to have fallen into place after that, from the movie deals to the governorship to who knows? maybe president. So here, I start at the beginning. At the body. To reveal the start, and see how it broadcasts the end.

"Your Hand & Mine" - This piece is about trying to escape to the outside world, the wilderness as opposed to the plastic sterility of the indoors. I found myself wondering: is this escape possible? Or is it just temporary and one will inevitably come back to the confines of civilization and modernity? I did my thinking with the piece, however, and I think the fact that I'm typing this right now should tell you my own conclusions.

"red Red red" - This is an audio piece utilizing minimal visuals. I mainly wanted to work with the human voice--the emotional spaces it creates. I also wanted to work with repetition and the way rhythm emerges as a form of meaning--that is, what something means if it is said once, as opposed to hundred times. Duration, another idea of John Cage, is being explored here--how duration of a sound is key to understanding its emotional effect--the difference between a note being held for one second or a hundred, to bring it parallel with the earlier statement on repetition.


Elizabeth Upton

Diabolique is a re-edit of H.G. Clouzot original 1955 film. It is an homage
to Cornell's surreal masterpiece Rose Hobart.

"In My Head"
An audio project about a girl typing a story paralleled by the actions going on in her head.

An experimental video performance on the art of glass making. I filmed a glass maker blowing glass, through glass filters.

"After Life"
An introspection on death through the eye of the camera. A contemplation of my thoughts, feelings, and sensations. A reflexive piece on what it means to live, to die, and to be remembered here on earth.


Sean Richards


John-Michael De La Cerda

The main focus of this piece was to use interesting camera angles to convey how important an event it is for me to get back home to my family. Without a car, time, or money, I'm pretty much stranded here in Davis working my ass off to just barely get by. I edited this film as a series of match/jump cuts with various angles as the featured student prepares to hit the road. The final shot through a green overpass fence of the car driving off into the horizon reflects the frustration with my inability to just pick up and leave at will.

This was my first attempt at our assignment to film through glass that had been painted on or altered in someway. By zooming in on an unfocused frame, I poured salt, blew laundry detergent, and trickled water over a paine of glass. The result is an array of ambiguous whitish tones and streaks across the screen.

In my second attempt at filming through painted glass. I decided that instead of shooting action or objects on the other side of the glass plane, I would focus on the interesting possibilities on the glass surface from simply dabbing oil color onto it with a rag. By using some pulsating lights, I filmed part one without having to edit in Final Cut. Part two consists of a bombardment of the same color fields from part one.


Jesse Davis

1. "Lights of the Night" - In this movie, I try to further determine video transitions by manipulating lights from different angles and distances. It is an interesting project, because it involves a lot of timed light linking, yet all the while not using a lot of motion.

2. "What will come of us" - In this project I try to understand more about video transitions, and whether or not certain material needs to be included within a piece. I learned a lot about non-content factors in determining how the material is presented to teh viewer.

3. "Water" - This was my first sound project. I was trying to relate distance and space while trying to show different accoustic textures to the listener.

4. "Adagio in the Sky" - My first full length computer animation, to Beethoven's Piano Sonata Adagio Cantabile. It tries to show space and time through camera movement and an internal structure.


Lauren Carbone

1. Untitled (3 parts)
2." Interior Looking"