2012, 35mm; Color; Sound; Duration: 15 minutes
Muqarnas Films

"Shluq" or "Sirocco" (easterly desert wind) is the fable of an Arab man who is in a perpetual agony of restlessness. Remarkable men gather in a council to investigate a fundamental puzzle over death; a body lies on the beach with face hidden in the sand; a ship sinks in the sea showing only it’s remaining masts and sails; camels and lizards appear and disappear in a dream-like soundtrack. These are the first images of “Sirocco”, which are but a gesture in Mannerist cinematic expression meant to give meaning to the lost images of a remote 1969 film called “The Mummy” and to stage a film world that is built in direct relation to images of restrained naturalism and heightened beauty. In the corridors and the ruins of a lost world made up of seas, temples, vast deserts, voyaging boats, and men, women, and animals, the protagonist tries to solve the film’s indecipherable enigma.

Producer-Editor-DP-Director: Hisham Bizri

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